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Golden Arrow Publishing LLC was established in 2017 when two law firm librarians recognized a gap in the availability of conflict data coming from regulatory and administrative agencies, and decided to provide a solution. With several decades of experience as information professionals we are uniquely positioned to understand sources of information and how that information is put to use. We also know the value of user experience and have partnered with a news publishing designer with decades of experience and a room full of trophies.

The Golden Arrow News alerts are delivered daily and contain actionable information that subscribers use to identify potential customers of legal services. Golden Arrow specializes in delivering news about private party complaints where adjudication by administrative judges is requested. Also included in our coverage are private party requests for regulatory recognition and approval. This news is invaluable for both community watchdog organizations and attorneys interested in license applications and other activities that affect neighborhoods and businesses.

The name, Golden Arrow is taken from a family linen care service that operated in Hollywood, California for over 40 years and was known as the finest in the business with customer names of Bob Hope, Gov. Pat Brown, Lloyd Wright, George Getty, Aaron Spelling, Crocker Bank, Northrop Grumman, and even the Reagan White House. We are proud to bring the tradition of Golden Arrow's reputation of quality and care to legal publishing.


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